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Updated FAME Church Policy

 As we pray for our world and the people of faith in our church community, please know that we want to practice safety and be in compliance with our state health guidelines.  When we gather together for worship once we go inside our buildings the following must be observed to enter:

*  Temperature check.

*  Complete church form for contact tracing.

*  Mask or proper face shield must be worn.

*  Once inside, wash hands frequently when contacting surfaces and using the restroom facilities

*  Adhere to social distancing practices by maintaining a 6 ft. separation of others.

*  If worshippers fail or refuse to abide by these regulations, you will not be allowed into our worship services.


We desire to worship with consideration and care for others.  

A Wellness Message from the Health and Wellness Ministry

The colds and flu season are here and will last into Spring.

It is time to take action to protect you, your family and our church community. 


A flu immunization will reduce your risk of or cause a less severe illness from

this year's strains of the flu so we recommend it. It takes 2-3 weeks to build up your immunity. Help reduce the spread of colds and the flu: Stay home the first 3-4 days of an infection, cover coughs and sneezes, cough or sneeze in your sleeve or tissue. Wash your hands often with soap and water. Call your health care provider or consulting nurse for questions. Take action! Let's promote healthy families and our church community this season.

June Updates

FAME Church August Updates

Please remember the following:

As the coronavirus continues to spread, I am asking each of you to take good care of yourselves and those in your family.  Please let the church know when you have a prayer request need.


  • The Sarah Allen Sisterhood

            They are making face coverings for members (free of charge).  They are also                     seeking volunteers. Contact:  

              Alfreda Lanier: or

              Sharon Hargraves:

  • Encounter Group Sundays

           Join us online each Sunday from 9:30 to 10:30am for theological discussion and

           dialogue.  Check the website at:

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