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Our Ministries

The Christian Church as the Body of Christ, the mind of Christ, and the People of God is commissioned by God through Jesus Christ to go into the entire world and help people to become consciously and thoughtfully aware of the mighty acts of God in the interest of the salvation of man and the world. This is its mission, its purpose, and its ministry. These words are not separate and different, but are inseparably related and are used to describe the whole and the one ministry of the church, that is, to serve and to provide opportunities for people to serve.


But for practical working purposes, the whole ministry must be broken down into functional ministries designed to meet particular needs, and to challenge Christians to practice their religion by responding in faith and love through the use of themselves their talents, abilities, resources, and influence.


Therefore, the church in mission performs its ministry through a variety of ministries among which are education, missions, evangelism, and worship.

Our Connectional Ministers







Church School

The mission of the Church School in the African Methodist Episcopal Church is to teach, train, nurture, prepare, and recruit adults and children in God's word for Christian service, emphasizing those Christian principles which are essential for effective Christian growth and participation.

Health & Wellness Ministry

It is the goal of the Health and Wellness Ministry to develop a health system that integrates a faith and health focus along with bringing education and awareness on health across all ministries of the First A.M.E Church.  This focus is established through the implementation of three policies, and strategic planning to incorporate all ministries of First AME Church with the vision and goals to change the environment in our church home to improve the health of our children, youth, and families.

Altar Guild / Acolytes

The Altar Guild and Acolytes assist with the beginning and the ending of the worship service.  Acolyte means a "companion" or "one who helps".  This ministry is open to our youth members who will be serving as a companion or helper to our pastor: performing a number of important functions before, during, and at the close of the worship service.

Music Ministry & Arts

First A.M.E. Church understand the impact of music as it relates to worship.  We have a very powerful and spirit-led music ministry.  If you bring talent in singing and/or dancing, you may want to explore ministry in music and arts.

Bible Study Enrichment

Bible Study is a way to offer a place to connect with other believers in fellowship; to grow in our understanding of the Bible and to become equipped for evangelism.  Bible Study is an important spiritual practice for the believer.

Class Leaders - Cell Group Ministry

The Class Leader's Ministry was formed to help sustain viable relationships within the church.  Class leaders and to form relationships with the persons assigned to them to help them assimilate into various church ministries.  They are also resources to their members when sick or when they have experienced death in the family so that the church can be informed.

Counseling Ministry

Counseling is a way that we are called to come alongside of one another.  God will use us to help others succeed in their way, to walk according to His ways.  However, let us remember that the ultimate counselor in a person's life is the Spirit of God.

John 14:16, 26

At First A.M.E. Church, we offer counseling for the following:

  • Baptism

  • Pre-marital

  • Spiritual

  • Bereavement

Greeters / Hospitality

FAME Greeters and Hospitality Committees are responsible for representing the church with a greeter's heart.  Greeters and Hospitality members are responsible for welcoming new and existing members and promoting fellowship by friendly, loving, and Godly outreach, such as providing refreshments and creating a welcoming environment for all who visit.

Leader: Dr. Robert Flennaugh (Dr. Bob)

Marriage Ministry

The purpose of the Marriage Ministry is to build stronger marriages that reflect the relationship between Christ and His bride, the church.  (Epehesians 5:22-23)  This is accomplished through solid Biblical teaching and activities.

Marriage Ministry Leaders: Reverend Zane & Reverend Dr. Sharon Rose Fitch.

Lay Organization

The Lay Organization is responsible for instilling in the membership a love and appreciation for the history, tradition, and principles of African Methodism; advocating respect and loyalty to constituted authority; encouraging the support of the total program of the local church; and fostering systematic and regular study which provides greater knowledge and participation in the church.

Richard Allen Brotherhood

Richard Allen Brotherhood The Richard Allen Brotherhood (RAB) is composed of three (3) or more persons, formed for the purpose of encouraging brothers of all ages to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. To develop and enhance the body of the RAB membership, the brothers participate in prayer, evangelism, Christian Stewardship, Christian spiritual service, Christian social service, and encourage the brothers of First A.M.E. Church to learn the history, aims and beliefs of the A.M.E. Church.


The RAB meet every 3rd Saturday 8:00am.

Steward Board

Stewards are nominated and appointed by the Pastor.  To be qualified for this office, one must be of solid piety, and know and love the Word of God and the African Methodist Episcopal Church doctrine.  He or she must be fruitful and of good natural or acquired ability to transact the spiritual and temporal business of the church.  Stewards must be an A.M.E. member for at least two years, except in case of the establishment of a new congregation.

Trustee Board

Trustees are nominated and voted on by the church membership.  Persons elected shall be eighteen (18) years of age or over.  The trustees manage all the temporal concerns of the church.  Trustees serve as guard for all real estate: churches, parsonage, schools, and any other property obtained by the local church.

Young People's Division (YPD)

YPD is a division of the Women's Missionary Society.  YPD is focused on providing meaningful resources, training, and guidance in all areas of church life which encourage full participation in the mission programs and activities of the entire church and this organization.

Eligible members are young persons of the church, between two (2) and twenty-six (26) years of age, who are active and in good and regular standing in their local church.

Women's Missionary Society

Missionaries are women called to discipleship to grow in the knowledge and experience of God through Jesus Christ.  Committed to support the mission of the church and empowered by the Holy Spirit, missionaries are challenged to help one another engage in ministry and action.  They grow and respond in faith to God's redemptive plan for the church, the society, and the world.

FAME South Women's Ministry

  • To serve humbly and unconditionally on a daily basis by making His will priority in all things.

  • To study and glorify the word of God relentlessly.

  • To encourage total love, fellowship, and friendship to edify God's Holy Word.

  • To be strong Christian servants working in our homes, churches, and communities utilizing our spiritual gifts.


First A.M.E. Church Ushers are official officers of the church whose business it is to introduce guests or walk before persons of rank.

Ushers are forerunners who prepare the Church for members and guests by being the first to arrive at the Church.  They receive the order of the day from the Pastor, and they see that the Church is in proper condition to receive guests.  Ushers see that the hymn books, fans, church literature, collection envelopes, and any other things that are to be distributed to the congregation are in their proper places.

First A.M.E. Church offers three Usher Boards on which to serve:

  • Senior Usher Board

  • Usher Board #2

  • Youth Usher Board

Social Action Commission

The Social Action Commission of First African Methodist Episcopal Church sponsors two events yearly: every November, a celebration of our Veterans, followed by the Youth and Law Forum every April.  The duties of the SAC include keeping the members aware of all social issues in our community.  Social Action Commission provides voter registration information as well as information on political candidates and social and legislative actions.

The Commission is also involved in community outreach projects.  There is currently a joint effort by several FAME auxiliaries to provide dinner every 3rd Sunday for youths who are homeless in the Seattle area.  Social Action Commission is committed to implementing any community activities or issues at the request of the Senior Pastor of FAME Church.

Education Enhancement

Education Enhancement at First A.M.E. Church provides educational outreach to enhance the academic achievement, social, and emotional well-being of youth in a caring environment.

  • Launched in 1987 under Reverend James H. Oxley.

  • Staffed completely by volunteers with expertise in math, language arts, and science.

  • Focused on elementary school, middle school, and high school age young people.

  • Operated October through May.

  • Opened two times per week, Monday and Wednesday, 6pm to 8pm.

Visitation Ministry

If you enjoy socializing and God has placed in your heart to share your time with anyone needing encouragement, comfort, or a sense of belonging, this ministry is for you.  While that could include everyone, there are certain individuals who especially need to be reminded that they aren't forgotten.  You will visit people who can feel rather lonely at times...

  • elderly people still living independently, especially if they are shut-ins

  • elderly or disabled people living in nursing homes

  • people who are sick for a prolonged period of time

  • people who are hospitalized

  • bereaved people

  • prisoners

  • people in shelters

  • people in crisis

Outreach Ministry

  • Feeding Ministry

  • Mission Projects

  • Youth

  • Thanksgiving & Christmas

  • Emergency

  • Bereavement

  • National & Global Outreach

  • Community

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