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Tea 2024 Support
Sheley Secrest 2024.03.17
Good Friday 2024.03.29
Bible Study 2024.03.07
Church Board 2024.03.05
YPD Bingo
WMS Breakfast 2024.03.23
Mens Prayer Zoom
Black History 2024 Movies
Ministries 2024.02.18
Daniels Fast 2024
Daniels Fast Info 2024
Fast Info 2024
Quadrennial 2023.03.13
Black History Monday Morning Men
GriefShare Jan 7-Mar 31
GriefShare 2024.01.07
Grief Support 2023.11.12
Church School 2023.10.22
Encounter 2023.10.22

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Purple Sunday 2024.03.17
UNCF 2024.03.16
Lion Tells
The Lion Tales
Colorectal Cancer 2024.03.03
Community Prayer
Tubman 2023.11.26
Job Training 2023.11.26
Software Engineer 2024
Med Dental School
Holiday Outreach
HBCU 2024

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Happy Birthday!

Celebrate 2024.02
Rev Dr Spearmon
Sis Deborah Patterson
Bro Darrell and Sis Rhonda Rodgers

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Blessed Memory

Charles Doty

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Daniel's Fast Week 3

Daniel 2024
Daniel Info
Breakfast 1 2024
Breakfast 2 2024
Lunch 2 2024
Lunch 1 2024
Dinner 1 2024
Dinner 2 2024

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Please follow MLK FAME Community Center events at our website:

STEAM Resources

  • Website information for a black owned business that provides STEAM resources for kids that's delivered to their homes. The box includes culturally representative books, STEAM projects & activities, STEAM products, classroom décor, and other fun content for Kids ages 4-12. It's a creative way to provide resources that aren't being provided at school. 

Website - Brown Toy Box - Home


State of Washington Resources - please go to this link: or call DSHS Toll Free at 1-877-501-2233

State of Washington: – info on: Unemployment, family leave, loan assistance, small business loans, etc.

King County Updates:

Virtual Sunday Services at FAME

We are on facebook live at 11am on Sundays. Our Worship is on the Church's Facebook page: First AME Seattle. You can listen to our Sunday broadcast on radio station KYIZ 1620am, from 3pm to 4pm.  This can also be listened to on the internet by going to KYIZ 1620 am.  You can watch all our posted sermons on the FAME Seattle Youtube channel.


You may also email your prayer requests to us at:  Join us for congregational prayer and intercession.  Remember, a church that prays together – stays together!


Bible Study is on Thursday night at 6pm.  Click here for Pastor Anderson's Facebook page: Pastor Carey Anderson

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