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Question #1. How does this institution/system (e.g., Mental Health System) contribute to/perpetuate racism and racist violence and other daily atrocities visited upon people of color?

  1. By protecting the status quo and by upholding the law’s institutionalized bias.

  2. ?? of bad behavior on part of Communities of Color.

  3. Looking at people as stereotypes.

  4. Not in black communities to serve but to deep people under control.

  5. Police work to protect each other.

  6. Stop and frisk by race with the assumption something is wrong.

  7. Military equipment used by police.

  8. Harassing black men for driving while black.

Question #2. What should have been done before the massacre in Charleston – what are the signs that we missed/are missing as a community in this area (e.g., Mental Health System)? Why does it take a massacre for so many white allies to recognize everyday racism and stand up to speak against it?

  1. Waiting period and slipping through cracks for buying ?

  2. Relationship between police and schools where police inform.

  3. Police having some time and attention to anger white men.

  4. Looking at what leads to violence throughout society.

Question #3. What specific actions can you take as an individual post – massacre – to eliminate racism in (e.g., the Mental Health System) in the Seattle area? In the US? Give Specific action recommendations.

  1. Policing white supremacy groups.

  2. Community dialogue.

  3. Police informational outreach.

  4. Greater integration of police to community.

  5. Requirement that police live in the City where they work.

  6. Showing up for hearings and other events as a citizen.

  7. Police recruiting in various communities with language requirement that you speak the community language.

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